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Enterprise Solutions

Infowaves Technologies offers Enterprise Solutions to integrate technology to the complete business processes. This focus permits to the organisations have a total control on the operations and a permanent improvement of the force's skills.

We made a strategic alliance to market, implement and support the Enterprise Solutions of BiblioData/Sociofractal Technologies Limited in Nigeria. BiblioData/Sociofractal develops software that facilitates organisational change and the improvement of working models. BiblioData/Sociofractal’s continuing expansion covers both new and traditional markets.

BiblioData/Sociofractal is a set of software solutions that turns information into a tool for planning, growth and strategic decision making. Each solution supplies a set of tools which include:

  • Planning and reporting of activities.
  • Registering of contact and client profiles.
  • Understanding the individual needs of clients.
  • Planning, reporting and evaluating meetings and interviews
  • Tracking business projects
  • Reporting and analysing information

Information for decision making at all levels:

  • Operations
  • Supervision
  • Top management

BiblioData/Sociofractal offers a range of software solutions to cater to the individual needs of your organisation including:

With these range of solutions, Infowaves Technologies is on the leading edge of the technologies applied to the organisational improvement.