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ICT Training & Consulting

Welcome to Infowaves Technologies Limited the place to have IT quality corporate Training tailored to customer's need.

We offer quality IT training courses that focus on business to cunsumers(B2C) demands, corporate clients, government employees support initiative for IT skills acquisition.

Most of our courses are booked for in advance and training are conducted both on customers site or offsite depends on customers preferences.

We also have selected courses online to reach a wide range of customers for self-pace learning going for affordable prices.

Infowaves Technologies & You

At Infowaves, we source and consult on softwares integration, training users of the software on how to maximize effective use of the software. This supporting role is part of the contract to enable our clients have the value for money with high rate of investment (ROI).

These softwares are tested with proven functional efficiency for satisfaction.

We also in web solutions such as website design and deveolpment. Our expertise span in all aspect of web training, hosting, domain name registration and site maintenance support. Regular seminars on current technologies situable for your requirements.

Skill matrixes of every staff is very important to employers. Thus, Infowaves sources IT skills from experienced background to meet clients requirements.

We hope to give you the best hands in any areas of of interest in IT. Newly sourced skills shall be given a refresher training programme to update his skills before resumption.

This is to ensure that the skill matrix of the recruited staff meets the client's expectation.

Experienced & Qualified Trainers

Infowaves always ensures customers satisfaction is guaranteed, that is the reason every course we offer is 100% value for money. We have experienced and qualified trainer to deliver our training. Most of the trainers are authority in their own chosen field, trained here at home and abroad.